Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's been so long...

Sorry all, I can't believe how long it's been since I was here last, I'm such a bad blogger. Well, the truth is life keeps happening here at CJKnits...life with a capital "L", 3 boys and... all the baggage that goes with that. I've got a gazillion UFO'S on my hands, not enough sock needles, although, I discussed that already didn't I? One of the things this LIFE thing involves is the fact that my trusty, just out of warranty Dell bit the dust...not sure what's going on with it... the IT guys where I work got it running, I've already made mention of staying on the IT guys good side haven't I? (I'm not doing a very good job of that either as I still have not made them brownies, so now I'm not only a bad blogger I'm an ingrate.) Needless to say, once we got the laptop running blogging wasn't my first priority as there is a ton of info on my laptop that I can not afford to lose. Just as B got the laptop running again we got another error message, needing to do my online banking I gave up went to Best Buy and bought the least expensive laptop they had available and told the boys HANDS OFF!!! I think I may have been more emphatic than that but maybe not. So here I sit w/a new laptop that I have not loaded any camera software into, back to posts w/out pictures for a while and I need to rewrite all my original sock patterns and a myriad of other laptop housekeeping to be done, I have already done the crying part, I'm now on the s*** this is a pain in the a** part. I swore I would not swear on this blog after all who knows who could be sneaking in reading a knitting blog when a parent's back is turned, I've already, quite inadvertently, taught my kids most of the swear words I know, no need to teach someone elses ; ). So here I am with stories to tell, no pictures to tell it with and memories of a great Fiber Arts Festival....NO not Rhinebeck, I could barely handle the sensory overload of a just the right size fiber fest....I can not even imagine the over-the-topness that is Rhinebeck. I think that now that I may have gotten my blog groove back I will save the story of my fiber fest for when I can actually show pictures of the great yarn I bought, only 2 skeins of sock yarn, can you believe it? I bought sweater yarn and shawl yarn and scarf yarn and fingerless glove yarn and the absolute best... did I mention it's the best "Mary Poppins" carpet bag any one craftswoman (sorry to leave out craftsmen, but this definitely a woman's bag) could ever want. It was love at first sight, it was the bag I've been searching for and did not even realize it... this bag can hold enough of my stash that I can on occasion leave my favorite yarn store without purchasing anything and considering I stop by my favorite yarn store at least twice a week you can see how my budget might be positively affected... I think for right now we can ignore the two books, scarf kit and sundry yarns I have on hold....I suppose we should also ignore the fact that I have been waiting w/absolutely no patience (no, really) for the new stained wood (I would put a link here but have no idea what it is) dpns that have been back ordered for nearly forever by my reckoning, and I only plan on getting one (ok maybe two sets) in my favorite sock needle sizes, maybe not all at once but hey Christmas is coming and what could be better than a gift certificate from one's favorite yarn store? The correct answer as y'all (we had a Texan in the office for a week, we got y'alled constantly, I feel silly saying it but typing it has a certain something don't you think? L, our Texan was amazed that I feel silly saying y'all but I managed to fit wrangling into a conversation w/out even trying.) know is NO there is no better gift than a gift card to one's favorite yarn store, except possibly if the gift card purchaser walks into said yarn store and notices your favorite shade of mohair is on sale and purchases all of it...just because they thought you might like it....to quote Crazy Aunt Purl I'm just saying is all. Not that I expect that kind of synchronicity in my life but...hey... you never know. With that being said it is time for me to find my needles and fiber fest yarn and knit myself stress free .... I'm working on a wrap... hope to have pictures soon. Later, CJ....oh and K, the emotional turmoil of the past several weeks has once again delayed the completion of your sweater, however, if I like the way my wrap comes out maybe I'll start all over and make you one also, deal? Love you, C and just so you don't feel alone I gave G one sock for her birthday...maybe she'll have a pair for Christmas...who knows.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Perfect knitting weather...

Unfortunately, it's also perfect napping weather and I admit the nap won out. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Actually, the weather all week is perfect knitting weather, not really great summer weather, however. It's going to be raining and around 70 at least thru Wed and rain thru Thurs., I'm sure my favorite yarn store is going to be busy. Not only is it mid August and people are definitely thinking fall knitting projects but the weather is distinctly fall like and my yarn store is running a sock boot camp featuring Tofutsies from Southwest Trading Co. . Well, I'm off to knit as I already napped. I'm thinking socks, I'm thinking Tofutsies. Later, CJ. Sorry, K, I know I should be thinking you and thinking sweater, just not there yet, soon... well, at least by Christmas. C

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yeah IT guy....

I took the obvious route today and asked one of the IT guys where I work with if he had any ideas on how to solve my PDA connectivity issue (noticed I used the word like I knew what it meant) and he gave me a couple pointers. Thank you Brian, it worked, I'm thanking him here because I'm going to e-mail him this blog, I only want to tell this tale once and what IT guy wouldn't want to be immortalized on a knitting blog. I'd insert his picture here if I had one and give him 15 sec of knitting blog fame, he's probably just as happy that I don't have one. Anyway, back to the subject at hand Brian's advice worked, got all set up with the PDA and then it took me two hours to get my laptop back on line...how wrong is that I ask you... right, very wrong. As I said yesterday I do not know what's going on, I know I couldn't have pissed off the computer gods, after all, I'm not even sure I know who they are. I am in awe of all of this techno mumbo jumbo and I greatly respect those that can live and breathe techno mumbo jumbo (snarky comments made when my computer at work isn't, not withstanding) so there you have it, obviously, I have in some fashion crossed the low tech (knitting fates) high tech(computer gods) threshold and am now an equal opportunity, see what cosmic force you can piss off today kind of person, I can't wait 'til tomorrow.... there's the weather being, the garden gnomes and I'm not sure but something has to be in charge of vehicles... I just hope I can fly under the radar for a few days, I'm having a hard enough time getting my family fed lately last thing I need is for the kitchen witch to be on my back. That being said I'm going to go knit, maybe have a snack and be as unobtrusive as possible. Later all...CJ

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Man, am I cranky....

Ask me how much knitting I got done tonight...go ahead ask...what afraid....you should be because the answer is ZERO, NADA, that's right NONE! Why you ask, as you very well should... well, I'll tell you, it all started innocently enough when I was thinking of upgrading my Palm, I have a Zire 31, Palm doesn't even make them anymore. I was thinking of doing a little upgrade but when I discovered I could go Wi-Fi for just a bit more money, well, I was all over that, how hard could it be? I'll tell you how hard...pretty damn hard... got the software loaded fine... all my applications on my new Palm T/X (they warned me this might be a problem, nope, went fine) but could I actually access my homes wireless network (yes, it is secure... never know when someone up the street might want to hack into my system and take over my blog) no, I could not... I realize that in getting cocky I have often angered the knitting fates , but, and I'm not sure which fates or gods are in charge of all this computer stuff, but, I NEVER get cocky w/computer stuff and I do mean never. I know what happens when you get cocky, I've seen IT personnel crash and burn and it is not pretty. So I spent the better part of an hour on the phone and Internet trying to solve my problem. Two very helpful IT types could do nothing so I need to make another phone call, not that I'll be doing that any time soon, read before tomorrow evening but I will prevail, after all I do have a life other than configuring computer type stuff... I want to knit and I'm sure when I get a hold of the next IT type and I explain how much of my knitting time this is biting into he/she will get my problem solved in no time flat. What, what was that you said you don't think he/she will take my knitting issues seriously...sssiiiiigggghhhh. Well, you're probably right. The only answer for it then is to knit while I'm waiting for IT to solve the problem, that should work don't you think? Good that solved, I need to go rest my eyes after all this computer stuff, I need a break, maybe a good book in bed will do the trick. Later all, CJ. Oh and K, I'll get to your sweater right after I solve this PDA business, well, maybe not right after but soon after, hmm, maybe not soon after but sometime, yes, sometime after I solve this PDA thing and complete a myriad of other pressing tasks like vacuuming under the beds and things of that nature. Love you, C

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sock Update

These two skeins of yarn have been used to start a pair of socks and the first sock of each pair has been knit. They are patiently waiting for me to start sock two so that they can realize their destinies and become a pair... yes, a pair of socks. I do believe the way to solve the whole second sock syndrome thing is by making sure I don't start another first sock unless I have at least one second sock on needles to work on also. After all, its not as if I don't have enough sock needles. Although, I could become quite philosophical and ask is it possible to have to many sock needles. Could one, perhaps, not have enough and some night when the urge strikes to start another pair of socks, it would have to be night, otherwise, you'd just go to your favorite or my favorite yarn store to pick up more needles, is it possible that you wouldn't have any needles to do this, to start a new pair of socks because we all know it wouldn't be a lack of sock yarn, especially in my house, where my husband has again made negative comments about my stash, then what would one do? (Do you think that sentence could be any longer or more parenthetical) I, in retrospect, realize that I would simply knit a sock in progress onto any one of many circular needles and use the now sockless dpns to start my new sock, perhaps out of this yarn...
If I'm going to stick to my plan, I will need to start sock two of a pair before I can start sock one of this yarn. After all, I already have sock one of these two pairs on needles. I'm sure you noticed that the blue sock is much smaller than the other sock (whose color in this photo is hard to describe as I know it is a beautiful variegated and here it looks, sorta, well, hmm..... you tell me) anyway, back to the point I'm trying to make if you just wouldn't let me keep getting off topic we could just get through this blog and be done by now... so where was I... oh yes, that's right, the lone toe of my blue sock, I'm having a time figuring out what its sockly destiny is (I made up another new word, spell check doesn't like this one at all)... I've been doing a lot of YO patterns (funny spell check doesn't react to YO at all) and I'm kinda leaning toward a twisted stitch pattern, problem is in all my knitting life I have never attempted cables or twisted stitches, I know, I know hard to believe what's even harder to believe is that I've allowed myself to be intimidated by them, good God what's up with that? I'm raising three of the smartest, mouthiest, know it alls on the planet second only to their father in being right all the time (yes, they are boys...sigh... I hear they're easier than girls esp when teen aged but come on) none of this intimidates me, even the always right husband, I even have an always right Italian father and he doesn't intimidate me so how can a little itsy bitsy thing (another couple words spell check doesn't like, but I know I didn't make them up) like a cable or a simple twisted stitch pattern have me in a tizzy, no idea maybe I'm just too linear for twisted and cabled stitches, this will have to change as I like the look of both kinds of patterns. So here we are me blogging about socks instead of doing what I should be doing or would like to be doing which is just knitting them and your reading this instead of doing what you should be doing or would like to be doing (if what you should be doing is any kind of work don't worry about it, it'll still need to be done when your done) if what you'd like to be doing is knitting something then lets get to and pick up some needles and knit away, if you are some other kind of fiber artist reading this then go do what you do, even if I'll never understand the whole crochet thing, although, I am being drawn to the whole spinning thing which could open a huge can of worms as I already don't have the kind of time I'd like to have to knit, imagine what would happen to my stash if I started to spin the stuff I knit with, did you notice my husband shudder and look around to see why he suddenly got a chill up his spine? On that happy note I will leave you to knit (take that anyway you'd like) Later.... CJ oh and K, I'm sorry my whole sock program just doesn't really work with the sweater program... I'll figure something out, honest, or maybe I'll just continue to feel really guilty... who knows. Love you, C

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well, I managed to finish a pair of socks and have a single sock off the needles that leaves just two first socks on needles. I wish I could say that those two socks one blue, one variegated; yellow, green, blue, are my only projects on needles but, well.... we know better don't we? I'm waiting on two sets of metal dpn's in the mail, another regia and knit picks. If you looked at the set you probably noticed that using US needle sizes there are two size one and two size two needles, I can state unequivocally that in this particular instance I have to agree with our friends in Canada... metric is just plain better on this one. In fact, the Yarn Harlot just had a post on this very subject the other day. Now, don't get me wrong I'm not going to start quoting temps in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit south of the Great Lakes but yarn is universal, as is knitting and as I stated before the language should be universal so I think I'll expand on that and say the tools we knit with should be universal, also. Which, by the way, has gotten me completely off the subject, which is that I have two new sets of sock needles on the way. One set will be knitting up my brand new Brooks Farm variegated, this yarn is gorgeous soft and sheeny (yes, I made up a word, and yes, I'm ok with it, maybe I didn't make a word up it spellchecked, go figure). It dawned on me, when I was at my favorite yarn store the other day, that I prefer yarns w/sheen to a matte finish yarn. I've been actively knitting for over 10 yrs and I just get it now, go figure. I am willing to bet if I asked some of my knitting friends if this is news to them they'd all laugh at me. The real question I have though is whether I can knit my second sock of the pink/grey variegated on the metal dpns, the first sock was knit on bamboo. It is my belief that my gauge will be different on metal needles, however, this is a sock we are talking about so it's not as if anyone's going to be checking to see if my socks are identical, unlike sleeves or mittens which are definitely a more public medium, so to speak. So, I must ask myself if these socks are not identical can I live with it, and if I can not live with it what would be the big deal of re knitting the first sock on metal needles, I'm not really happy with it anyway, it's more an anklet than a sock and I wanted a sock so I'd be adding inches anyway, better to wait until after I knit the second sock on my new needles than add the length now. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. And with that conundrum (look it up) rolling around in my head I will attempt to go to sleep. Later all... CJ Oh and K, with these kind of weighty sock questions on my mind I'm afraid well, your sweater doesn't stand a chance, sorry.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Too many singles....

Socks, that is, I keep ordering more sock yarn and I found my metal Regia dpns online, sorry can't find Regia's website, go figure. I love the metal dpns and am waiting for the smaller set US1 to knit my Brooks Farm hand dyed superwash, I also need to wait for the yarn to speak to me. I started these socks with sock yarn from Summer of Socks sponsor Cynthia's Skeins, when I was on her website she said this yarn did not photograph well, she was right... I can't begin to tell you how vibrant her blues are. I am knitting this on my new Regia 2.50mm, I couldn't find Regia's website but I ordered the needles here. Now, I love these needles, the matte finish not too slippery and they're metal so I don't feel like I'm going to snap one in half every time I do something fiddly. So, let's get back to the yarn speaking to me, no I'm not loosing my mind, well maybe I am but not so you'd know. I start my sock and then find a pattern, all of my patterns are my own courtesy of numerous stitconaries, Barbara Walker comes to mind as do a few others. The problem is I'm getting so I can't knit plain socks anymore, I try to find a pattern to match yarn texture, colorway and weight. You'll just have to wait and see what I've found for this yarn. Herein lies the problem, once I've mastered the pattern and I love what I've I done I don't just finish the second sock ohhh no that would be way to easy... no it's on to the next yarn, the next pattern, the next needles, good thing I'm not being judged on finished pairs. Here are all the pictures of my single socks, wait a minute only two, make that three first socks on the needles and 1 second sock on needles. If I'm counting right that's only 1,2 ... 4 socks and one of those socks is an official second sock so I'm doing better than I thought. I will not be looking in any nooks, crannies or for that matter knitting bags to see if I might have any more socks started, as I said before I'm not crazy. Here's to second sock syndrome, and the wisdom I showed, not sure where it came from, not joining the most socks contest for Summer of Socks, I'm sure you noticed where she underlined PAIRS, well, what's up with that anyway. I know I'm just being crabby because I'm not knitting pairs well. Maybe I should start a self help group for SSS. I think I'll go work on that now right after I start, I mean finish knitting a sock.... CJ

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hopefully I'm back....

Went on vacation to Gettysburg, saw a bunch of monuments.... went on a ghost tour, really enjoyed everything. Even saw some reenactors, men, women and children, I can not believe in this day and age where it is perfectly legal to run around in practically nothing when it's hotter'n hell out you've got women dressing up in corsets and men in wool uniforms.... go figure. There were even knitting reenactors, this one can be seen holding my sock... my sock on vacation sock. The sock blends in with her dress (I can't believe I didn't get her name) but you can see the sock there in her right hand, her knitting, I think it is going to be a scarf or shawl kind of thing that reenactor women wear, is in her left hand. Knitting spanning the ages giving me what I think this is the perfect vacation sock picture, after all, think of all the socks women of the civil war era knitted for the men and boys fighting in the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil. I didn't mean for this blog to be a downer but being in Gettysburg is very thought provoking.... even though the battle isn't going on as your standing there the feeling I got is hard to describe... maybe I was channeling all the women waiting at home to hear word of their husbands, lovers, sons, fathers and brothers. It was very disquieting standing at the top of one of the monuments looking out over the 20,000+ acres of the bloodiest battlefield of the war, looking at my 3 boys, even as young as they are, I tried not to think about how I'd feel if they had to go to war. Writing this now makes me think of a book I've read more than once about the way a post apocalyptic maternal society deals with the issue of their sons going off to war. The Gate to Women's Country by Sherri S. Tepper is perhaps one of the saddest and yet, most hopeful books I've ever read. As I reread this blog I realize it does not reflect the fact that we really did have fun on vacation... the boys really enjoyed everything, and they definitely did not share my feelings... obviously they can't channel the knitters of days gone by... go figure .... I do think, however, they have been channeling the feet of all the recipients of all those long ago knit socks ... although, my sons are partial to multicolored socks and I don't believe socks knit in the 1800's tended to be of the multi color self stripping variety of yarns. I wonder if my sons would be as enamored of the socks I knit if they were the plain gray scratchy wool of the 1800's. Somehow, I don't think so. Perhaps, I need to think some more about this whole Gettysburg experience and on that note.... I'll say later all... CJ

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Can you have too much sock yarn?

My answer to that question is no, as can be seen by this series of photos. The blue is from Cynthia Skeins, one of the sponsors for the Summer of Socks, I stumbled upon her yarn while I was looking for some metal dpns. I currently use bamboo but my stitches on my needles are a little tight I need something I'm not afraid of breaking every time I have to k2tog. I took the skein to my favorite yarn store to show it to them and admit that I cheated on them. They were okay with it because, I realize it doesn't show up in these photos but, it is the prettiest variegated blue superwash merino. The pink variegated I picked up from my favorite yarn store today when I was there showing off the hand dyed blue. The variegated yarn is from Cherry Tree Hill in the old rose colorway, it's a 50/50 silk merino worsted blend and I'm planning on knitting up some socks to pull on my cold toes before bed on the cold winter nights we get here in NW Pa. I've also decided to bring this yarn (ok and maybe a couple of others) with me when the family goes to Gettysburg on vacation. Aprox 5 hrs in a car coming and going and numerous opportunities in btwn. I've also decided to use this yarn for the socks on vacation contest for Summer of Socks. Not sure if I'm going to use a funky stitch pattern for these socks, I'm thinking of going "plain vanilla" as the Yarn Harlot would say. I'm thinking, no pattern, don't have to worry if I'm distracted or have to put the sock down in a hurry. I'm planning on knitting it up on US2, and I'm sorta cranky because I did finally find some metal dpns on the net at The Knitter, however they did not get here in as timely a manner as the yarn so still waiting on needles I'll be casting these socks on bamboo. Part of the reason I'm loosing patience is because of the cute little sock

needle protectors on these needles. I'm having problems waiting for slow poke shipping, the yarn was shipped 2-3 day express but the needles are plain old post and I shouldn't be complaining because shipping was free, but.... bleah! The only reason I'm not buying my dpns at my favorite yarn store is because they don't carry them, yet, according to my supplier... oh I mean the yarn store owner their vendors don't carry 6" dpns.... what's up with that. Anyway... it's late and my health still isn't 100% so I'm off to bed before I HAVE to cast on my new socks... Later, CJ And K, almost thought about your sweater today, almost.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well, I'm not sure who I pissed off....

Once again the knitting fates have come to haunt me. I'm still not completely sure what I've done recently to piss them off but, man, they are out to get me. I recast the yellow, blue and green socks with less stitches and am doing my lace pattern. So, after I turned the heel on my lace socks I could wait no longer and cast on my pink/grey socks, smaller needles.... I was all set to knit the pattern that I had to tear out. I was certain I had the gauge right, started knitting, tried on the socks (again one of the many reasons to knit toe up socks), looking good.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....... how on earth can they be TOO BIG? Rip back to the beginning of the pattern.... remember how I told you I hate picking up little bitty stitches... well, I'm not any happier picking them up now. Anyway, this was not quite the too big tragedy of before..... think ....how can I save this. I know make it a modified rib, this pattern, not that you can really see it is lacey diamonds, if I alternate knit and purl diamonds, AH-HA, EUREKA and all that nonsense. Well, at least, the socks fit now. Anyway, does anyone know of any kind of offering I can give the knitting fates? I'm getting kind of tired of being on their bad side. Almost, makes me afraid to cast on another ...... oh who am I kidding ..... I might rip out alot but I'll never be so afraid of the fates that I won't knit. But, K, with this kind of bad Karma it's not looking good for that sweater of yours... sorry, take it up with the fates. Later .... CJ

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I can't believe I forgot to tell you about this....

This is the Molly Bag, from Lantern Moon, it is without a doubt the best sock knitting bag I have ever owned (not that I've owned many, lol). It would probably be a good bag for a lot of small knitting projects. The picture on the top is everything I have crammed into the bag, and there is still room for one more sock project. I have my Lantern Moon dpn needle case, two skeins of yarn, my pda, some hair thingies, my cell phone and sundry receipts and mail, oh and, of course, the patterns for the socks. The thing I really love about this bag is it has four pockets surrounding one center pocket (which has a cell phone pocket and a zippered pocket), I put all my knitting stuff in the outside pockets and the yarn doesn't get tangled w/keys and other irritating things like that. It is just big enough to carry everything but not so big you don't need to clean out the extra crap once in a while. By extra crap I know you all realize I mean non knitting related paraphernalia. I really love this bag and, in fact, can also see it being used in for things other than knitting, or in conjunction to knitting.... if I was still in that stage of life it would be a great knitting/diaper bag. I had seen the bag on Lantern Moon's website and immediately ran to my favourite yarn store, to beg them to order some. Well, it took a while and one trade show (where they got to see the Molly Bag) but finally they had the bags in their store. I showed up the day after the bags arrived and, while they only ordered three, one of each color the blue was already gone, as you can see I got the red. I think the orange was gone in the next few days. I do believe they've ordered more, which is a good thing as I am trying to convince everyone I know to get one. K, I'm sorry the bag is too small to tote your sweater anywhere... but I hope to get to it soon....Later, CJ

Friday, June 22, 2007

A day late and a sock short....

Here I was all set to start my socks for The Summer of Socks, yesterday, I was going to have my toe started so I could knit while my boys were at swim class. The best laid plans and all that.... Came home from work early feeling like complete s***, post surgery set back, didn't even feel like knitting let alone do a fiddly toe cast on. Needless to say, the boys didn't make it to swim class more prime knitting time lost. I did cast on my sock last night, counted my stitches per inch, figured out what I would need to actually get the sock over my foot, found a stitch pattern I liked, all was well. Or was it....was it just me or did you also here the mocking laughter of the knitting fates? I tried my sock on this morning, didn't make it to work today, either, I keep telling myself this to shall pass. Anyway, back to the important part I tried on my sock, the beauty of toe-up is you can try them on for size, they were too big....TOO BIG how is that possible, I checked my gauge, I can do basic math, I ripped back, slightly put out. I really liked the stitch pattern I had found and while it was easy to increase the number of stitches in the pattern, decreasing would need more mental calisthenics than I'm capable of right now. So I rip back to my standard 14 sts/needle and go w/my tried and true pattern, which while fine is not what I wanted to use. Anyway, the sock yarn in question is Tofutsies, and since I have plenty more skeins of it in many colorways I will use a smaller needle and cast on a pair of socks for the other pattern when I'm up to it. In the meantime, here's a picture of the sock I'm starting with. I'm really happy with the colorway and I do like it with this particular pattern, one of my own design, which I will be entering in the sock design contest for Summer of Socks, so you'll have to wait for publication but it's not the one I started with and I'm sure when I stop pouting I'll be fine, until then I'll just be sulking, and knitting socks, my only solace in all of this is that I am once again knitting socks and all is right in my particular knitting universe. I hope all is well in yours also.... CJ..... Oh and K, no I haven't forgotten your sweater but its a finish me up project not a knit me because you can't knit socks today project, I hope that makes all of this perfectly clear. C

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am beat....

What do people who don't knit socks, or for that matter don't knit anything do with their time? I am exhausted trying to not knit socks...I know I could knit something else but I discovered I don't have enough washcloth yarn and I just want to get this Sock thing going. Not only do I have NO socks on any needles what-so-ever I don't have any, I have to do this, projects going either. I finished my bag, except for the lining (which I need to buy and pay someone to sew in for me). I'm sure you noticed the pictures when you first stopped by. You, also, noticed the ties are different on each side. I managed to knit this with almost no yarn leftover, I do have some of the white sequin yarn but heck I can use that to accent all sorts of socks, I mean projects. What's a knitter to do? I do believe I'm going to suggest to the mastermind behind all this sockiness that next year she allows us all to knit one sanity sock before the -along just so these kind of meltdowns don't keep occurring. Oh and don't think I'm alone in this craziness...oh no....I'm getting distinct I'm lost w/out socks vibes from Wendy, although, I feel she's handling all of this with much more grace and aplomb (I don't know, go look it up, it felt like the right word just there) than I am. Is my grumpiness obvious? Brian thought I was out of sorts because I started back to work today after my surgery and I was overwhelmed by "THE JOB" how one earth could I tell him I'm losing it because I'm not knitting socks, this is the same man that asked me why I don't just knit one thing at a time....I think he knows now, or he would if I felt I could explain this without coming across as a complete loon. So there you have it in a nut shell, aren't I punny? I think, even though its early I will head off to bed, after all what is it we were all told as children "The sooner you get to sleep the sooner __________ gets here tomorrow" Although, I'm waiting until the day after tomorrow...the horror of it. Alright, so maybe, just maybe, I'm being a little melodramatic...what's that you say...completely over the top? Why so I am. AND on that note I shall leave you....I just wish I had some pithy quote to share right here, it would be so apropos (another one.... go look it up). Later....I'm taking my cranky self to bed. CJ

Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm dying here.......

I have no socks, none on needles, none, not one, not any, in fact, I am completely sockless, and its killing me. I've only been like this for half a day but I'm already feeling some heavy duty w/drawal, sock DTs as it were. Those socks you saw in my last post, ripped'em off the needles today, for the Summer of Socks-along I joined, nothing counts if it was started before June 21st. I'm sure everyone realizes that, that is more than 48 hours from now, I already don't know what to do with myself, I'm going crazy. I have a dentist appt Wed morning, how am I to get through waiting room angst w/out a sock to knit, I finished the purse tonight, pictures later, so I can't even be knitting that, what to do.... what to do..... Obviously, the lace shawl sample is completely out of the question, no way would I stop that in the middle of a row, another reason that has not been on the top of my list of things to do. K, your sweater is in the finishing up stage so it ain't going nowhere, fast. I guess it's time to knit a scarf, which yarn, what pattern.... I CAN'T STAND THIS......... BLEAH.......... Later all, I'm off to raid my stash for a mindless and quick project, maybe washcloths....been a long time since I knit washcloths.....certainly hope I have some cotton......... BLEAH.....BLEAH......BLEAH.......CJ

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Maybe I do need to finish some projects....

So, anyway, my husband, Brian said to me yesterday, (btw, he was completely serious) "Maybe you should try knitting only one thing at a time". I'm sure as I was picking myself up off the ground I was looking at him like he had two heads or something.... and I managed to stammer out "are you serious?" or maybe it was "you've got to be kidding" or perhaps it was "are you out of your freakin' mind?", of course, since I was still dazed I might not have said any of those things just realized in retrospect that I ought to have. I think I really said something along the lines of "its not gonna happen" I realize now I even considered explaining to him why this was such a bad idea. But, then I knew as with all muggles anything I chose to say at this point would be a waste of breathe, so I just walked away muttering and shaking my head. I will have to admit, however, that he got me thinking how much do I currently have on the needles. So, without opening any bins, closets or trunks, I pulled these 6 projects out of a 10 foot radius of my favorite knitting chair. (I should probably post a picture of it for everyone so when your ready to go out and buy a new favorite knitting chair you can decide if one similar to mine would work for you. One of the things I like best about my chair is that when I inevitably drop a dpn needle between the seat and the arm it falls right to the floor, you have to appreciate how handy that is.) Without further ado......my knitting projects, in order of appearance... a bag, 2 different socks, a sweater (no, K, not yours....didn't mean to get your hopes up, sorry), a wrap and a lace shawl. OK, so maybe I do need to finish up some projects... I'll do that right now, later... CJ

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Purse half finished...

Well, here's half my purse, really easy to knit all garter stitch all I have to think about is what color I want to use next, I'm thinking it needs more of the fuchsia striping. Good news is I haven't even used a whole skein of the teal or fuchsia yet so I think I'll trade one of those in on another skein of the plain white with the sequins which you can't see but believe me they're there. I used a whole skein of the ribbon, which is variegated. Three of the yarns are Louisa Harding, the teal is Kashmir Aran, the fuchsia is Nautical Cotton, and the variegated is Glisten can't find it on the website, sorry. The sequined yarn is, appropriately enough, called Sequins. I'm really enjoying knitting all these yarns.

Right now I'm anxiously waiting for June 21st when the Summer of Socks sockalong starts. I've started stocking up on sock yarns and am trying to decide which yarn to take on vacation. I think my vacation socks should be Important, after all traveling socks are a very special breed. The Yarn Harlot has made hers the star of her travels, while I know I'm not quite up to her standard I do hope my vacation socks will not be completely lame. I don't remember if I entered the new sock pattern part of the -along, after all the experimenting I've done it would completely suck (purl girl am I allowed to use suck in my blog? sorry, everyone inside joke) if I haven't entered this part of the -along. I don't think I did and I am starting to bum because I'll tell you what some of my socks (I wish I felt free to say that my socks rock, but as you can see socks that rock has already been trademarked and not by me.) are really cool in a keep your feet warm with style kind of way. This by the way is not just me patting myself on the back, at least a few other knitters, these two are some of them, all of whom I respect for their skill and love because. well...for too many reasons to list here, have also favorably commented on my choice of pattern, so it's not just me. Anyway, I'm hoping to enter this pattern and possibly this pattern also. I just need to pick out the yarn for each I think this pattern will do very well with any variegated yarn, where this pattern, really worked with the slightly glittery and heavier weight sock yarn. Well, I'll be off to my favorite yarn store tomorrow, to pick up some sock yarn... I do believe, that both the Yarn Harlot and Wendy (as can be seen from this blog entry) have said you can never have too much sock yarn. I used to think stash was a symptom of your eyes being bigger than your needles, I have long since revised that....stash is...well stash is the only thing that stands between a knitter and the yarn equivalent of DT's on the days you can't get to a yarn store and inhale yarn fumes. Believe me there have been days when having yarn on had to start something NOW before I have to completely flip out on my sons, who still aren't in bed yet, is the only thing that has kept me from committing some kind of assault, ok, maybe that is going a little to far but it definitely works better for me than deep breaths and counting to 10. Oh, and K, this sockalong won't affect my ability to get your sweater done, really, I haven't been able to get it done yet and don't see this -along as changing this fact in any dramatic way, again does my feeling guilty about this make you feel any better at all? Later.... CJ

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm so excited...

A lot of very generous people have given me enough credit at my favorite yarn store, to buy enough Louisa Harding yarn to make this handbag. I'm planning on venturing out tomorrow to purchase the yarn, not sure how long it will take as I am in the middle of three pairs of socks. But, then, lately, when am I not in the middle of a pair of socks? If I keep this up I will have nothing to show for the year but a whole lotta pretty cool socks, not necessarily a bad idea but do I want my legacy to be worn on people's feet. I'll have to think about that more later...when I'm not knitting socks. I now have another favorite new sock yarn , I love this stuff it's soft, silky and antibacterial, which I think may work out great when my sons all start hitting puberty, can't wait for that, for a myriad of reasons. Well, I have some ice cream getting soft on the counter and K, I thought about your sweater today, does that count? Pictures of everything soon..... CJ

Friday, June 8, 2007

Well...I'm back

Well, here's my latest finished footwear, I adapted a pattern from Barbara Walkers's A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I used a diagonal rib on the cuff to finish these toe up socks this pattern will be available as will all of my patterns, inlcuding these as soon as I figure out how to write a pattern that can actually be read, understood and followed. I'm afraid my notations are not the most used knitting terms and after all my speeches about making knitting abreviations standard, no matter where the pattern originates or who wrote it I can't make up my own language now, can I? Maybe that's what I should do make up my own knitting speak and demand the world follows my lead, No? Alright, it won't work but maybe if someone really famous decided to do a universal knitting dictionary everyone would actually read it and more importantly use it. It's worth a shot. How does one get a hold of Debbie Bliss anyway, and get taken seriously?
I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately surgery 10 days ago certainly took alot out of me, more I think than I expected, my brain has been functioning on a very subdued level. I have, however, had more knitting time than I ever have had before, I'm cranking out socks like no body's business. Since, its been in the high 80's here lately socks are the only thing one can knit w/out shuddering at the thought of all that wool. I've not even attempted anything further on my lace sampler shawl, not up to lace weight yarn and 237 stitches, soon, I hope as my next class is Monday. Maybe tomorrow, only going to be in the high 60's and since it's my birthday I should be able to get everyone (by everyone I mean my sons who don't like to let me count in peace) to let me knit and count. Oh and K, yes the high temperatures and lack of brain function do in fact mean I'm not touching your sweater for a while, I know, I know...any excuse to not finish this project I wish I could say you are wrong, but....well... you're not, sorry, I do feel a little guilty about this I really do...sorta. Hope to blog again soon.... CJ

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Looks like Thursday...

I've decided that Thursday is blogday...although, today I decided to not wait until CSI is on to blog. I've finished one of my lacy socks, I'm hoping to finish the other one soon. I will be posting pictures after both are done. I've decided I need to post a picture of actually modeled socks, on the foot so to speak. I'm actually looking forward to it, how crazy is that? On anther note I'm going to have at least 2 whole weeks of nothing but knitting time, I can't even begin to say how much I'm looking forward to that. I'll be able to get part one of my lace sampler shawl done. No boys lying on the floor shouting out numbers to confuse my count. I'm sure I'll miss that...really.
On another exciting note, a couple of the women I work with want me to teach them how to knit, I told them we'd start w/dishcloths, I think scarves are way too big and novelty yarn way to hard to work with to start with those projects. Also, hoping to teach a toe up sock class at my favorite yarn shop all of this will be late summer or fall, but I'm converting a whole 'nother group of people. I'm so excited. That's all for now, except K I know your in town this weekend, are you planning on visiting your sweater? I've been thinking about working on it. I actually rescheduled and appt in Pittsburgh so I could go to the finish your project night at my favorite yarn shop, I'll get it done then, promise. CJ

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just some thoughts...

First of all NEVER, and I do mean NEVER try to knit lace when the boys are awake...just not worth it. Did you hear me counting Tuesday evening...1,2,3...34...1,2,3,7....22.....1,2,3....yes, that was me losing my mind and recounting 237 stitches over and over again. YES, I did have strategically placed stitch markers but I also had a son or three on the floor yelling out 28, 2, 7, 54 at random, a good time was had by them. B noticed that I bought a digital camera, he asked me why I needed one. Does anyone have any ideas on how to explain to one's husband that you bought a digital camera so you could take pictures of your knitting and post it on your blog? (Without looking like a complete nut job) Didn't think so. It's getting late so I'm turning in, knitted some on my lacy sock, nothing on the shawl, need quiet and I need to be alert, not sure how I'm going to manage both, since quiet only happens after boys in bed and alert is looooong gone by then. Later, CJ

Monday, May 14, 2007

Lace, lace and more lace....

Well, I've discovered lace knitting and we'll see how it goes. The sock is a pattern I found in an old stitchconary, called a perforated rib stitch. I had to figure out how to do it in the round, not to easy but not to difficult either. The purple is going to be a rectangular shawl, knit as a lace sampler, I'm taking a class. I 'll keep taking pictures, so you can see my progress or lack thereof. Not that it's readily apparent but both yarns have a touch of sparkle, if you look really closely I think you can see the silver in the... I suppose lavender would be a better description than purple for my shawl yarn. Also, hints of glitter in the sock yarn, for which I have found a brand new cast on method, so now I've tried 3 different methods, figure 8, the turkish and now the magic cast on, I think all of them have their uses not sure which I'll finally decide is the best. I'm sure you've noted I have not tried a provisional cast on, yes, I have considered it but it just seems too fiddly to me to have to go back an pick up those little bitty stitches. I've mentioned before how I feel about picking up teeny tiny stitches, haven't I? I have also discovered a new cast off method for my socks its called the russian cast off, read down a couple of posts you'll find it, I think it will also make a nice loose bind off for my shawl, we shall see. Oh and uhmmm, K, well, I'm going to finish your sweater too, OK? Really, just let me get one more row done on.......well, ....on just about anything. CJ

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The life of a mom...

I spent this afternoon and evening doing remarkably similar things, the afternoon concert was my youngest and the evening concert was my oldest. The evening concert included a band recital, orchestra presentation and a choral arrangement. A good time was had by all. I managed to knit some Lorna's Laces and actually am almost to the heel, which after my last experience I decided would be best kept 'til I was home and could concentrate on getting it right. I bow at the feet of the knitting fates. I am now happily ensconced in what is quickly becoming my favorite knitting chair and am about to sign off and turn a graceful heel, I will accept all good wishes here. Thank you...CJ

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Get cocky and....

your knitting bites you in the a**. Here I was peacefully knitting sock two for my youngest, remember the toe up socks I love because I can knit them blindfolded w/one dpn tied behind my back....Well, let me tell you I was peacefully knitting and very competently turning the heel when what do I discover, the only way this sock would fit on a human foot is if somehow you had a heel size growth coming out of the side of it. My heel and toe did not line up... did not even pretend to line up. I chose not to take any pictures, some things do not need to be recorded for posterity. Anyway, if you know anything about me at all then you know I will do just about anything...including huge leaps of rationalizations to keep from frogging something....I stared at this...this...this...nope nothing rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. Also, putting little, itty, bitty stitches back on a US2 dpn, right up there with...I can't even think of anything bad enough to compare it to, how 'bout them apples. So I frog and start to knit the heel again this time at the right angle to the rest of the foot when I realized way back there is a...............dropped stitch, a little, itty, bitty dropped stich, Lord knows I tried to pick it up, wasn't happening, so here I go again, rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. Discovering as I tried to recover the dropped stitch on my US 2 dpns, that it was almost as much fun as trying to get all those little bitty stitches back on my needles. OK, sigh deeply, all my stitches picked up, heel turned nice and fancy like, knitting back around on 4 dpns, count stitches, just to be sure mind you, there can't be another mistake, after all, what could I have done to piss the knitting fates off this much anyway? 12 stitches needle 1, check...12 stitches needle 2, check, 11 stitches needle 3, check, wait, what, no its impossible there must be 13 stitches on needle 4, but no look there 3, make that 5 rows back a lonely dropped stitch, well, I'm a pro at this now, first, some judicious swearing, then a shot of something...I'll take anything at this point...then with dpn contortions known only to a select group of masochists, I pick up that @#*% stitch and finally, finally rib my dear son's sock and now he has a pair.

So, here is pair one of my self stripping sock yarn socks for, yes, one of my three sons, if this statement made you grin a little you're showing your age, if it didn't your too young to get the nostalgia of this statement let it go. I hope you're admiring how well I got the stripes to match up, I think that's were I made my mistake and the knitting fates needed to take me down, I got a pat yourself on the back kind of thing going on when I realized what a good job I had done. I'm sure your sharp eyes realized that these socks were photographed in the newly refinished cedar chest which believe it or not is still empty. Another decision to be made. After all of this the only thing I wanted to do tonight was quietly and, hopefully, correctly knit a couple of rounds of Lorna's Laces, wasn't to happen I was here instead, the trumpet player in the back row facing the camera is my oldest.

So here I was at the band performance and they were great but it was so crowded and so warm I couldn't even pull out my sock. It was most of the 5th grade bands from 7 grade schools, 3 middle school bands off on the other side of the gym and the high school band and jazz ensemble in the center. Considering that the first time these kids practiced together was for three hours earlier today they sounded great. Came home from that and here I am blogging when all I want to do is knit...but now I'm thinking snack so...maybe I'll read instead, and K, if the knitting fates continue to spit on me...well, don't expect your sweater anytime soon. I just hope I can confuse them with my lace class. Later...CJ

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Short update....

Well, I've got two socks on the needles one Lorna's Laces and sock two for my youngest. I also signed up for a lace class at my favourite yarn store. I have the greatest yarn but I haven't taken its picture yet. I think it will photograph better once it gets knit up so you'll have to wait impatiently. I'm having some health issues so my blogging the next few weeks may be spotty but I'll try to keep everyone up-to-date on my socks and various other projects, yes, K, that includes your sweater. I'll probably be doing more socks than anything else, though, because, as I said before, for me they take very little thought and they are very satisfying to finish. Blog soon....CJ

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Knit or Blog; Blog or Knit.... What to do....

I guess I'll blog but I'm not sure I'm at all happy about the knitting time I'm giving up, no not at all sure. Show and tell was alot of fun, I really was a show, I didn't realize that Willow's knitters were all beginning beginners. My self patterning sock yarn was a great hit, as was my red felted bag. I tried to explain to everyone that if you could knit and purl you could do this, to say they were skeptical is a understatement of mammoth proportions. The most interesting part of the evening was seeing how patiently my friend, Willow, was handling being the instructor. I remarked on this later and, of course, she didn't realize it at all. This led to a conversation about knitting in general and she informed me she considers me a capital "K" Knitter. Not who I see myself as at all...I guess our perceptions of ourselves will never really match others... Someone else told me she loves to read my blog because I'm so witty...don't these people realize the pressure these kind of statements put on people...now I'm trying to decide if every letter I type is properly witty and if my next project will be capital "K" knitting...just great...no pressure, no pressure at all.

Further news includes a refinished cedar chest, that

B believes I retrieved from our basement because I needed a coffee table, of course, I was actually thinking stash storage, it'll be our little secret. Just so you know this chest is solid cedar planks aprox 1.5" thick, at least 100 yrs old, perfect for wool storage. I just haven't decided if it should be new wool storage or finished wool storage. I have a lot of nice wool sweaters that I wouldn't like to see a moth near. Decisions...decisions....

Looky what else the perfect bag to transport socks in progress, it even has a zipper. Its original purpose was holding bath products now its a knitting bag and as an added bonus it smells good. Right now it's holding my Lorna's Laces completed sock and sock number two also has my

bumble bee tape measure in it. While I was at Lantern Moon, I noticed these, I must ask my favorite yarn store owner why she doesn't have any in stock. I do have other knitting needle cases but my dpns keep falling out and you would think that with the amount of sock yarn she's selling this would be...well...a great idea, hint, hint (Sometimes she reads my blog). As long as we are talking about socks just a couple more things, one, I was directed to a new cast on for my toe up socks, it's called the Turkish cast on and the tutorial is here, I much prefer it to the figure 8 cast on mentioned in the Knitty article. Two, I found this contest, and it sounds like a hoot and a half, and since I do now have a blog, I'll probably sign up. I knew I started this for a reason. As an aside what does it say about me when K asked me if I'd like to go to Mt. Fuji (yes, in Japan) with her my first thought was can I actually pack enough yarn to keep myself busy during 15 hrs of travel and how close is the Noro mill to Mt. Fuji, after all, its not like I'd ever get back to Japan again so how far out of the way is too far anyway? Well, I have no, read that again, no socks on needles and I'm getting some kind of odd withdrawal symptoms, so its time for me to go cast on some toes. Yes, K, I realize I should be finishing your sweater, first, especially if I'm going to possibly ask you to travel all over hell's half acre looking for a yarn factory, I'll get to it in a minute, just one sock toe, just one.... CJ

Sunday, April 29, 2007


I can't believe it I'm a link on a REAL blog....not that this isn't a real blog but you know what I mean. Anyway, on the masochists list click on Chris J. and you end up right back here... too cool. I almost swooned, definitely considered hyper-ventilating. Back to actually blogging, was knitting in the car on the way to our bowling banquet, B was driving, I always let him drive gives me more knitting time. Anywho, he said "you're not actually going to bring that in with you, are you?". He was less than thrilled, it was, however an understandable question as I tend to knit at bowling. I, of course, answered "no, I can't believe you'd ask that". Neglecting to mention the reason I wasn't bringing my knitting in with me because I realized the club would smoky and dark, not at all conducive to good knitting. It had nothing to do w/the banquet itself. In fact, since it was sock one for my middle son and I only had aprox. 2" left to knit, I was really trying to find a way to get it done w/out it getting too smoky or losing a dpn, couldn't do it. So I'm finishing it tonight, instead of working on my Lorna's Laces sock, ok, my next trick will be to get my pictures to post where I want them too instead of just at the top of my post. Back to my sock isn't it great, I love the way the colors blend and how bright they all are. Well, off to knit sock one for middle son, hopefully, I can get it done and still have time to knit Lorna...Later, CJ

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I got a CAMERA!!!

I bought a camera and took some pictures, these are the socks I'm knitting for my sons, small, partly done medium and large. I can't believe I got the picture in on my first try, that's some kind of record for me... Ok, now that I'm done with my happy dance ;).... I'm sure you can all see why I'd prefer to start each of the socks as close to the same spot as possible. My next trick will be remembering whose toes start with which color. I will post pictures of my other projects and of course pictures of my Lorna's Laces socks, over the next few days, I would do it today but I really don't want to tempt fate. Well, as I already mentioned this week has been all socks all the time and I'm ready to do the heel on both sock one for my middle son and sock one of Lorna's Laces....so off I go to knit socks and watch CSI, a show that I cannot knit a difficult pattern to and watch all at the same time, heel for middle son's sock first I think... CJ... OH, and K, I've been thinking about your sweater really I have.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Show and Tell

I'm going to a knitting group on Monday. My friend, Willow, invited me to her group. I talked to her today and she gave me a list of the projects I HAD to bring. This list included one of my felted handbags, yes, I know, I need a picture, fortunately there's a picture of my bubble bag here. Well, I thought I was being invited for my company and witty conversational skills, but.... NOOOOO....I'm her show and tell project, oh and make sure you bring some toe up socks and one of your lacy shawls..... What next, my slippers, a shawl collar sweater? I don't think so! OK, so maybe I'm looking forward to being the celebrity knitter du jour, definitely not the harlot, not even in her league but even Stephanie had to start somewhere. By the way, I've been dying to figure out a way to mention the Yarn Harlot in my blog since I decided to start one and I finally managed to get her in, in a completely natural way. I feel so proud. Anyway, back to being a show and tell project ... I'm almost ready to turn the heel on my Lorna's Laces socks and I'm done with the toe of sock one for my middle son. No, I haven't stuck to my plan but this week's been stressful and I really didn't want to have to follow any patterns especially a sweater I really didn't want to have to frog. I needed to knit for stress relief and I had to knit something thoughtless in order to not increase my stress so here I am knitting socks and only socks and feeling pretty good about it. For anyone who thinks it's too warm for socks, where I live it didn't even get above 50 today so YEAH we wear wool socks in April here in NW Pennsylvania, sometimes, even in May if necessary, so there. Well, I'm off to make sure I can be properly turned out as a show and tell, what does one where to an occasion like this, basic black or anything that complements the knitting projects one is binging? Later... CJ

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Some knitting done...

Well, I did get some knitting done this weekend... but the weather really wasn't conducive to sitting inside knitting, not really for sitting outside knitting either. You see, it was beautiful here first time since fall... weather to be outside enjoying the sunshine and trying not to get too sunburned. On the positive side I put most, if not all my knitting projects into my pda, yes, K that includes your sweater. While I was inputting, I realized that on the projects page of KnitAble there is a place to put the measurements of all my family members, including the length of the foot from heel to toe, I'll tell you what, every time I open the application I find something else useful. Definitely worth the purchase. I'm almost done with the back of this sweater, (yes, I know, I really need to get a digital camera) and I've started sock one for my middle son. Also, thanks to a couple of things going on outside of home base I have about 2/3 0f the foot of my Lorna's Laces sock done. I knit my socks from the toe up, thanks to Wendy, I use her heel pattern and the figure 8 cast on from Knitty, I really feel that socks go faster toe-up. I realize that there are purists out there that would argue with me but it works for me so I'll deal with it. It's feeling late here, to much sun and yard work I think, not as young as I used to be so I'll sign off here hoping everyone else had nice weather, too. CJ

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Best intentions

What's that again about best intentions? It doesn't matter, I know I promised yesterday to only knit socks outside of home base but... I only had about an inch of ribbing left on my youngest's sock. I don't like to rib so I knit my socks toe up, I find ribbing easier at the end of sock than at the beginning. To get back to the subject at hand I only had an inch of ribbing left on the sock and after promising myself to finish projects what choice did I have but to finish the sock and now that it's done I should be working on my sweater, I'm using this yarn in color 13. Here's where the picture belongs. I don't want to work on my sweater I want to start another sock for my middle son, of course, the pattern in the yarn did not end where I could start sock two for either of the single socks already completed. So it's only fair that I start a pair of socks for my middle son so he can be one socked just like his brothers. Time to make a command decision CSI:LV is on TV ...hmmmm....I can't knit a pattern I have to pay attention to so.... I'm going to forget the knitting (sorry K your sweater is near the top of the list) and break out the caramel pecan almond popcorn and settle down to the rest of CSI. Later...CJ

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Time to organize...

So as you already know I'm ankle deep in projects that need to be completed. So what to do, what to do? Add something else, of course, no I'm not starting another pair of socks, but after casting on my new socks (yes, I know, here's where the picture goes) I have to say I love Lorna's Laces, I can't wait to start another new pair, in another great colorway.... not sure which one yet, I'll keep you posted. Anyway, what I need to do now is get the projects listed somewhere and organized, good thing I have one of these, with this programmed on it. I realize that since I bought the knitting program (laptop, pda bundle) recently, specifically to track my projects and stuff, I don't have a sock less leg to stand on as to why I'm just now considering using it for its intended purpose. I guess its because if I put all my projects in it I might be completely overwhelmed by my inability to actually finish something bigger than "A" sock, notice I didn't say pair of socks, not that I haven't finished pairs of socks, numbers of them in fact. It's just that well... alright here's the scoop.... I recently bought 2 skeins of self patterning sock yarn so I could knit 3 pairs of socks for my three boys, now usually, I'm pretty laid back about whether or not I have a perfect match when using a varigated sock yarn and I wing it. This yarn, well, there's no winging it, so after I finished sock one for my oldest instead of going through the skein to find the right starting point I started sock one for my youngest and depending where his sock finishes I'll either start sock one for my middle child or start sock two for one of the others, so if I finish 3 socks even if they're 3 different sizes does it count as a pair and a half? Didn't think so. Another reason to put everything in my pda, I'll also be able to keep track of whose sock started with which color and who still needs the second sock of a pair. Ok, here goes... right to my pda after I finish just one more row...Oh and K your sweater right at the top of my project list, promise, right after I finish this row.... CJ

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So much for that thought.....

All my good intentions.....gone. My favourite yarn shop had just gotten a new sock yarn in, wonderfully, beautifully soft and colorful. I picked rainbow (this is where I'd insert a picture had I a digital camera and know how, fortunately you can find the colorway on the website) for my new socks...yes, I know, I know, I was just discussing finishing what I've started but... well... I made a rationalized decision and decided you can never have too many socks on needles because you never know when you'll need a portable project with a memorized pattern. Pretty good spur of the moment rationalization if you ask me. Anyway, work with me here, I'm thinking that if I only knit socks in places I need portable projects, you know the bowling alley, anything at the in-laws, church (ok, maybe that one's a stretch) then having alot of socks on ALOT of dpns makes perfect sense. Then, if I'm knitting socks away from home, my only choice at home will be one of a myriad of other projects, including the dreaded Christmas sweater. (K if you're reading this I feel really bad about not finishing your sweater, really.) Well, I could explore this tactic for pages but I need to cast on my new socks, yes, I'm at home but I can't do toes when I'm distracted so I guess my plan only works if the toes of my socks are done. See you soon. CJ

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Here Goes

Here's the start of something great and I hope the end of some projects that need to be off the needles. I'm currently working on 3 pairs of socks, a sweater, an afghan, another sweater that's almost finished, for my sister, need to get it to her, as it was her Christmas present circa 2003. Yes, she has been incredibly patient, hasn't she? Also, have a scarf on sz 50, yes I know, the needles are way to big to handle gracefully. This scarf is for my other sister, it was supposed to be a Christmas present, 2006, from the sister waiting for the sweater. She was crocheting it, it wasn't working out as planned, so I volunteered to knit it up. Is it possible to have to many projects started? I wasn't sure but I'm beginning to think so. As soon as I figure somethings out I'll be posting pics, not quite a ludite but definitely not as techy as I'd like to be to be putting out a blog. More later....