Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well, I'm not sure who I pissed off....

Once again the knitting fates have come to haunt me. I'm still not completely sure what I've done recently to piss them off but, man, they are out to get me. I recast the yellow, blue and green socks with less stitches and am doing my lace pattern. So, after I turned the heel on my lace socks I could wait no longer and cast on my pink/grey socks, smaller needles.... I was all set to knit the pattern that I had to tear out. I was certain I had the gauge right, started knitting, tried on the socks (again one of the many reasons to knit toe up socks), looking good.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....... how on earth can they be TOO BIG? Rip back to the beginning of the pattern.... remember how I told you I hate picking up little bitty stitches... well, I'm not any happier picking them up now. Anyway, this was not quite the too big tragedy of before..... think can I save this. I know make it a modified rib, this pattern, not that you can really see it is lacey diamonds, if I alternate knit and purl diamonds, AH-HA, EUREKA and all that nonsense. Well, at least, the socks fit now. Anyway, does anyone know of any kind of offering I can give the knitting fates? I'm getting kind of tired of being on their bad side. Almost, makes me afraid to cast on another ...... oh who am I kidding ..... I might rip out alot but I'll never be so afraid of the fates that I won't knit. But, K, with this kind of bad Karma it's not looking good for that sweater of yours... sorry, take it up with the fates. Later .... CJ

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