Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Purse half finished...

Well, here's half my purse, really easy to knit all garter stitch all I have to think about is what color I want to use next, I'm thinking it needs more of the fuchsia striping. Good news is I haven't even used a whole skein of the teal or fuchsia yet so I think I'll trade one of those in on another skein of the plain white with the sequins which you can't see but believe me they're there. I used a whole skein of the ribbon, which is variegated. Three of the yarns are Louisa Harding, the teal is Kashmir Aran, the fuchsia is Nautical Cotton, and the variegated is Glisten can't find it on the website, sorry. The sequined yarn is, appropriately enough, called Sequins. I'm really enjoying knitting all these yarns.

Right now I'm anxiously waiting for June 21st when the Summer of Socks sockalong starts. I've started stocking up on sock yarns and am trying to decide which yarn to take on vacation. I think my vacation socks should be Important, after all traveling socks are a very special breed. The Yarn Harlot has made hers the star of her travels, while I know I'm not quite up to her standard I do hope my vacation socks will not be completely lame. I don't remember if I entered the new sock pattern part of the -along, after all the experimenting I've done it would completely suck (purl girl am I allowed to use suck in my blog? sorry, everyone inside joke) if I haven't entered this part of the -along. I don't think I did and I am starting to bum because I'll tell you what some of my socks (I wish I felt free to say that my socks rock, but as you can see socks that rock has already been trademarked and not by me.) are really cool in a keep your feet warm with style kind of way. This by the way is not just me patting myself on the back, at least a few other knitters, these two are some of them, all of whom I respect for their skill and love because. well...for too many reasons to list here, have also favorably commented on my choice of pattern, so it's not just me. Anyway, I'm hoping to enter this pattern and possibly this pattern also. I just need to pick out the yarn for each I think this pattern will do very well with any variegated yarn, where this pattern, really worked with the slightly glittery and heavier weight sock yarn. Well, I'll be off to my favorite yarn store tomorrow, to pick up some sock yarn... I do believe, that both the Yarn Harlot and Wendy (as can be seen from this blog entry) have said you can never have too much sock yarn. I used to think stash was a symptom of your eyes being bigger than your needles, I have long since revised that....stash is...well stash is the only thing that stands between a knitter and the yarn equivalent of DT's on the days you can't get to a yarn store and inhale yarn fumes. Believe me there have been days when having yarn on had to start something NOW before I have to completely flip out on my sons, who still aren't in bed yet, is the only thing that has kept me from committing some kind of assault, ok, maybe that is going a little to far but it definitely works better for me than deep breaths and counting to 10. Oh, and K, this sockalong won't affect my ability to get your sweater done, really, I haven't been able to get it done yet and don't see this -along as changing this fact in any dramatic way, again does my feeling guilty about this make you feel any better at all? Later.... CJ

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