Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm dying here.......

I have no socks, none on needles, none, not one, not any, in fact, I am completely sockless, and its killing me. I've only been like this for half a day but I'm already feeling some heavy duty w/drawal, sock DTs as it were. Those socks you saw in my last post, ripped'em off the needles today, for the Summer of Socks-along I joined, nothing counts if it was started before June 21st. I'm sure everyone realizes that, that is more than 48 hours from now, I already don't know what to do with myself, I'm going crazy. I have a dentist appt Wed morning, how am I to get through waiting room angst w/out a sock to knit, I finished the purse tonight, pictures later, so I can't even be knitting that, what to do.... what to do..... Obviously, the lace shawl sample is completely out of the question, no way would I stop that in the middle of a row, another reason that has not been on the top of my list of things to do. K, your sweater is in the finishing up stage so it ain't going nowhere, fast. I guess it's time to knit a scarf, which yarn, what pattern.... I CAN'T STAND THIS......... BLEAH.......... Later all, I'm off to raid my stash for a mindless and quick project, maybe washcloths....been a long time since I knit washcloths.....certainly hope I have some cotton......... BLEAH.....BLEAH......BLEAH.......CJ

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