Sunday, August 19, 2007

Perfect knitting weather...

Unfortunately, it's also perfect napping weather and I admit the nap won out. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Actually, the weather all week is perfect knitting weather, not really great summer weather, however. It's going to be raining and around 70 at least thru Wed and rain thru Thurs., I'm sure my favorite yarn store is going to be busy. Not only is it mid August and people are definitely thinking fall knitting projects but the weather is distinctly fall like and my yarn store is running a sock boot camp featuring Tofutsies from Southwest Trading Co. . Well, I'm off to knit as I already napped. I'm thinking socks, I'm thinking Tofutsies. Later, CJ. Sorry, K, I know I should be thinking you and thinking sweater, just not there yet, soon... well, at least by Christmas. C

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yeah IT guy....

I took the obvious route today and asked one of the IT guys where I work with if he had any ideas on how to solve my PDA connectivity issue (noticed I used the word like I knew what it meant) and he gave me a couple pointers. Thank you Brian, it worked, I'm thanking him here because I'm going to e-mail him this blog, I only want to tell this tale once and what IT guy wouldn't want to be immortalized on a knitting blog. I'd insert his picture here if I had one and give him 15 sec of knitting blog fame, he's probably just as happy that I don't have one. Anyway, back to the subject at hand Brian's advice worked, got all set up with the PDA and then it took me two hours to get my laptop back on wrong is that I ask you... right, very wrong. As I said yesterday I do not know what's going on, I know I couldn't have pissed off the computer gods, after all, I'm not even sure I know who they are. I am in awe of all of this techno mumbo jumbo and I greatly respect those that can live and breathe techno mumbo jumbo (snarky comments made when my computer at work isn't, not withstanding) so there you have it, obviously, I have in some fashion crossed the low tech (knitting fates) high tech(computer gods) threshold and am now an equal opportunity, see what cosmic force you can piss off today kind of person, I can't wait 'til tomorrow.... there's the weather being, the garden gnomes and I'm not sure but something has to be in charge of vehicles... I just hope I can fly under the radar for a few days, I'm having a hard enough time getting my family fed lately last thing I need is for the kitchen witch to be on my back. That being said I'm going to go knit, maybe have a snack and be as unobtrusive as possible. Later all...CJ

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Man, am I cranky....

Ask me how much knitting I got done tonight...go ahead ask...what should be because the answer is ZERO, NADA, that's right NONE! Why you ask, as you very well should... well, I'll tell you, it all started innocently enough when I was thinking of upgrading my Palm, I have a Zire 31, Palm doesn't even make them anymore. I was thinking of doing a little upgrade but when I discovered I could go Wi-Fi for just a bit more money, well, I was all over that, how hard could it be? I'll tell you how hard...pretty damn hard... got the software loaded fine... all my applications on my new Palm T/X (they warned me this might be a problem, nope, went fine) but could I actually access my homes wireless network (yes, it is secure... never know when someone up the street might want to hack into my system and take over my blog) no, I could not... I realize that in getting cocky I have often angered the knitting fates , but, and I'm not sure which fates or gods are in charge of all this computer stuff, but, I NEVER get cocky w/computer stuff and I do mean never. I know what happens when you get cocky, I've seen IT personnel crash and burn and it is not pretty. So I spent the better part of an hour on the phone and Internet trying to solve my problem. Two very helpful IT types could do nothing so I need to make another phone call, not that I'll be doing that any time soon, read before tomorrow evening but I will prevail, after all I do have a life other than configuring computer type stuff... I want to knit and I'm sure when I get a hold of the next IT type and I explain how much of my knitting time this is biting into he/she will get my problem solved in no time flat. What, what was that you said you don't think he/she will take my knitting issues seriously...sssiiiiigggghhhh. Well, you're probably right. The only answer for it then is to knit while I'm waiting for IT to solve the problem, that should work don't you think? Good that solved, I need to go rest my eyes after all this computer stuff, I need a break, maybe a good book in bed will do the trick. Later all, CJ. Oh and K, I'll get to your sweater right after I solve this PDA business, well, maybe not right after but soon after, hmm, maybe not soon after but sometime, yes, sometime after I solve this PDA thing and complete a myriad of other pressing tasks like vacuuming under the beds and things of that nature. Love you, C

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sock Update

These two skeins of yarn have been used to start a pair of socks and the first sock of each pair has been knit. They are patiently waiting for me to start sock two so that they can realize their destinies and become a pair... yes, a pair of socks. I do believe the way to solve the whole second sock syndrome thing is by making sure I don't start another first sock unless I have at least one second sock on needles to work on also. After all, its not as if I don't have enough sock needles. Although, I could become quite philosophical and ask is it possible to have to many sock needles. Could one, perhaps, not have enough and some night when the urge strikes to start another pair of socks, it would have to be night, otherwise, you'd just go to your favorite or my favorite yarn store to pick up more needles, is it possible that you wouldn't have any needles to do this, to start a new pair of socks because we all know it wouldn't be a lack of sock yarn, especially in my house, where my husband has again made negative comments about my stash, then what would one do? (Do you think that sentence could be any longer or more parenthetical) I, in retrospect, realize that I would simply knit a sock in progress onto any one of many circular needles and use the now sockless dpns to start my new sock, perhaps out of this yarn...
If I'm going to stick to my plan, I will need to start sock two of a pair before I can start sock one of this yarn. After all, I already have sock one of these two pairs on needles. I'm sure you noticed that the blue sock is much smaller than the other sock (whose color in this photo is hard to describe as I know it is a beautiful variegated and here it looks, sorta, well, hmm..... you tell me) anyway, back to the point I'm trying to make if you just wouldn't let me keep getting off topic we could just get through this blog and be done by now... so where was I... oh yes, that's right, the lone toe of my blue sock, I'm having a time figuring out what its sockly destiny is (I made up another new word, spell check doesn't like this one at all)... I've been doing a lot of YO patterns (funny spell check doesn't react to YO at all) and I'm kinda leaning toward a twisted stitch pattern, problem is in all my knitting life I have never attempted cables or twisted stitches, I know, I know hard to believe what's even harder to believe is that I've allowed myself to be intimidated by them, good God what's up with that? I'm raising three of the smartest, mouthiest, know it alls on the planet second only to their father in being right all the time (yes, they are boys...sigh... I hear they're easier than girls esp when teen aged but come on) none of this intimidates me, even the always right husband, I even have an always right Italian father and he doesn't intimidate me so how can a little itsy bitsy thing (another couple words spell check doesn't like, but I know I didn't make them up) like a cable or a simple twisted stitch pattern have me in a tizzy, no idea maybe I'm just too linear for twisted and cabled stitches, this will have to change as I like the look of both kinds of patterns. So here we are me blogging about socks instead of doing what I should be doing or would like to be doing which is just knitting them and your reading this instead of doing what you should be doing or would like to be doing (if what you should be doing is any kind of work don't worry about it, it'll still need to be done when your done) if what you'd like to be doing is knitting something then lets get to and pick up some needles and knit away, if you are some other kind of fiber artist reading this then go do what you do, even if I'll never understand the whole crochet thing, although, I am being drawn to the whole spinning thing which could open a huge can of worms as I already don't have the kind of time I'd like to have to knit, imagine what would happen to my stash if I started to spin the stuff I knit with, did you notice my husband shudder and look around to see why he suddenly got a chill up his spine? On that happy note I will leave you to knit (take that anyway you'd like) Later.... CJ oh and K, I'm sorry my whole sock program just doesn't really work with the sweater program... I'll figure something out, honest, or maybe I'll just continue to feel really guilty... who knows. Love you, C

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