Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yeah IT guy....

I took the obvious route today and asked one of the IT guys where I work with if he had any ideas on how to solve my PDA connectivity issue (noticed I used the word like I knew what it meant) and he gave me a couple pointers. Thank you Brian, it worked, I'm thanking him here because I'm going to e-mail him this blog, I only want to tell this tale once and what IT guy wouldn't want to be immortalized on a knitting blog. I'd insert his picture here if I had one and give him 15 sec of knitting blog fame, he's probably just as happy that I don't have one. Anyway, back to the subject at hand Brian's advice worked, got all set up with the PDA and then it took me two hours to get my laptop back on wrong is that I ask you... right, very wrong. As I said yesterday I do not know what's going on, I know I couldn't have pissed off the computer gods, after all, I'm not even sure I know who they are. I am in awe of all of this techno mumbo jumbo and I greatly respect those that can live and breathe techno mumbo jumbo (snarky comments made when my computer at work isn't, not withstanding) so there you have it, obviously, I have in some fashion crossed the low tech (knitting fates) high tech(computer gods) threshold and am now an equal opportunity, see what cosmic force you can piss off today kind of person, I can't wait 'til tomorrow.... there's the weather being, the garden gnomes and I'm not sure but something has to be in charge of vehicles... I just hope I can fly under the radar for a few days, I'm having a hard enough time getting my family fed lately last thing I need is for the kitchen witch to be on my back. That being said I'm going to go knit, maybe have a snack and be as unobtrusive as possible. Later all...CJ

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