Saturday, June 30, 2007

Can you have too much sock yarn?

My answer to that question is no, as can be seen by this series of photos. The blue is from Cynthia Skeins, one of the sponsors for the Summer of Socks, I stumbled upon her yarn while I was looking for some metal dpns. I currently use bamboo but my stitches on my needles are a little tight I need something I'm not afraid of breaking every time I have to k2tog. I took the skein to my favorite yarn store to show it to them and admit that I cheated on them. They were okay with it because, I realize it doesn't show up in these photos but, it is the prettiest variegated blue superwash merino. The pink variegated I picked up from my favorite yarn store today when I was there showing off the hand dyed blue. The variegated yarn is from Cherry Tree Hill in the old rose colorway, it's a 50/50 silk merino worsted blend and I'm planning on knitting up some socks to pull on my cold toes before bed on the cold winter nights we get here in NW Pa. I've also decided to bring this yarn (ok and maybe a couple of others) with me when the family goes to Gettysburg on vacation. Aprox 5 hrs in a car coming and going and numerous opportunities in btwn. I've also decided to use this yarn for the socks on vacation contest for Summer of Socks. Not sure if I'm going to use a funky stitch pattern for these socks, I'm thinking of going "plain vanilla" as the Yarn Harlot would say. I'm thinking, no pattern, don't have to worry if I'm distracted or have to put the sock down in a hurry. I'm planning on knitting it up on US2, and I'm sorta cranky because I did finally find some metal dpns on the net at The Knitter, however they did not get here in as timely a manner as the yarn so still waiting on needles I'll be casting these socks on bamboo. Part of the reason I'm loosing patience is because of the cute little sock

needle protectors on these needles. I'm having problems waiting for slow poke shipping, the yarn was shipped 2-3 day express but the needles are plain old post and I shouldn't be complaining because shipping was free, but.... bleah! The only reason I'm not buying my dpns at my favorite yarn store is because they don't carry them, yet, according to my supplier... oh I mean the yarn store owner their vendors don't carry 6" dpns.... what's up with that. Anyway... it's late and my health still isn't 100% so I'm off to bed before I HAVE to cast on my new socks... Later, CJ And K, almost thought about your sweater today, almost.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well, I'm not sure who I pissed off....

Once again the knitting fates have come to haunt me. I'm still not completely sure what I've done recently to piss them off but, man, they are out to get me. I recast the yellow, blue and green socks with less stitches and am doing my lace pattern. So, after I turned the heel on my lace socks I could wait no longer and cast on my pink/grey socks, smaller needles.... I was all set to knit the pattern that I had to tear out. I was certain I had the gauge right, started knitting, tried on the socks (again one of the many reasons to knit toe up socks), looking good.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....... how on earth can they be TOO BIG? Rip back to the beginning of the pattern.... remember how I told you I hate picking up little bitty stitches... well, I'm not any happier picking them up now. Anyway, this was not quite the too big tragedy of before..... think can I save this. I know make it a modified rib, this pattern, not that you can really see it is lacey diamonds, if I alternate knit and purl diamonds, AH-HA, EUREKA and all that nonsense. Well, at least, the socks fit now. Anyway, does anyone know of any kind of offering I can give the knitting fates? I'm getting kind of tired of being on their bad side. Almost, makes me afraid to cast on another ...... oh who am I kidding ..... I might rip out alot but I'll never be so afraid of the fates that I won't knit. But, K, with this kind of bad Karma it's not looking good for that sweater of yours... sorry, take it up with the fates. Later .... CJ

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I can't believe I forgot to tell you about this....

This is the Molly Bag, from Lantern Moon, it is without a doubt the best sock knitting bag I have ever owned (not that I've owned many, lol). It would probably be a good bag for a lot of small knitting projects. The picture on the top is everything I have crammed into the bag, and there is still room for one more sock project. I have my Lantern Moon dpn needle case, two skeins of yarn, my pda, some hair thingies, my cell phone and sundry receipts and mail, oh and, of course, the patterns for the socks. The thing I really love about this bag is it has four pockets surrounding one center pocket (which has a cell phone pocket and a zippered pocket), I put all my knitting stuff in the outside pockets and the yarn doesn't get tangled w/keys and other irritating things like that. It is just big enough to carry everything but not so big you don't need to clean out the extra crap once in a while. By extra crap I know you all realize I mean non knitting related paraphernalia. I really love this bag and, in fact, can also see it being used in for things other than knitting, or in conjunction to knitting.... if I was still in that stage of life it would be a great knitting/diaper bag. I had seen the bag on Lantern Moon's website and immediately ran to my favourite yarn store, to beg them to order some. Well, it took a while and one trade show (where they got to see the Molly Bag) but finally they had the bags in their store. I showed up the day after the bags arrived and, while they only ordered three, one of each color the blue was already gone, as you can see I got the red. I think the orange was gone in the next few days. I do believe they've ordered more, which is a good thing as I am trying to convince everyone I know to get one. K, I'm sorry the bag is too small to tote your sweater anywhere... but I hope to get to it soon....Later, CJ

Friday, June 22, 2007

A day late and a sock short....

Here I was all set to start my socks for The Summer of Socks, yesterday, I was going to have my toe started so I could knit while my boys were at swim class. The best laid plans and all that.... Came home from work early feeling like complete s***, post surgery set back, didn't even feel like knitting let alone do a fiddly toe cast on. Needless to say, the boys didn't make it to swim class more prime knitting time lost. I did cast on my sock last night, counted my stitches per inch, figured out what I would need to actually get the sock over my foot, found a stitch pattern I liked, all was well. Or was it....was it just me or did you also here the mocking laughter of the knitting fates? I tried my sock on this morning, didn't make it to work today, either, I keep telling myself this to shall pass. Anyway, back to the important part I tried on my sock, the beauty of toe-up is you can try them on for size, they were too big....TOO BIG how is that possible, I checked my gauge, I can do basic math, I ripped back, slightly put out. I really liked the stitch pattern I had found and while it was easy to increase the number of stitches in the pattern, decreasing would need more mental calisthenics than I'm capable of right now. So I rip back to my standard 14 sts/needle and go w/my tried and true pattern, which while fine is not what I wanted to use. Anyway, the sock yarn in question is Tofutsies, and since I have plenty more skeins of it in many colorways I will use a smaller needle and cast on a pair of socks for the other pattern when I'm up to it. In the meantime, here's a picture of the sock I'm starting with. I'm really happy with the colorway and I do like it with this particular pattern, one of my own design, which I will be entering in the sock design contest for Summer of Socks, so you'll have to wait for publication but it's not the one I started with and I'm sure when I stop pouting I'll be fine, until then I'll just be sulking, and knitting socks, my only solace in all of this is that I am once again knitting socks and all is right in my particular knitting universe. I hope all is well in yours also.... CJ..... Oh and K, no I haven't forgotten your sweater but its a finish me up project not a knit me because you can't knit socks today project, I hope that makes all of this perfectly clear. C

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am beat....

What do people who don't knit socks, or for that matter don't knit anything do with their time? I am exhausted trying to not knit socks...I know I could knit something else but I discovered I don't have enough washcloth yarn and I just want to get this Sock thing going. Not only do I have NO socks on any needles what-so-ever I don't have any, I have to do this, projects going either. I finished my bag, except for the lining (which I need to buy and pay someone to sew in for me). I'm sure you noticed the pictures when you first stopped by. You, also, noticed the ties are different on each side. I managed to knit this with almost no yarn leftover, I do have some of the white sequin yarn but heck I can use that to accent all sorts of socks, I mean projects. What's a knitter to do? I do believe I'm going to suggest to the mastermind behind all this sockiness that next year she allows us all to knit one sanity sock before the -along just so these kind of meltdowns don't keep occurring. Oh and don't think I'm alone in this craziness...oh no....I'm getting distinct I'm lost w/out socks vibes from Wendy, although, I feel she's handling all of this with much more grace and aplomb (I don't know, go look it up, it felt like the right word just there) than I am. Is my grumpiness obvious? Brian thought I was out of sorts because I started back to work today after my surgery and I was overwhelmed by "THE JOB" how one earth could I tell him I'm losing it because I'm not knitting socks, this is the same man that asked me why I don't just knit one thing at a time....I think he knows now, or he would if I felt I could explain this without coming across as a complete loon. So there you have it in a nut shell, aren't I punny? I think, even though its early I will head off to bed, after all what is it we were all told as children "The sooner you get to sleep the sooner __________ gets here tomorrow" Although, I'm waiting until the day after tomorrow...the horror of it. Alright, so maybe, just maybe, I'm being a little melodramatic...what's that you say...completely over the top? Why so I am. AND on that note I shall leave you....I just wish I had some pithy quote to share right here, it would be so apropos (another one.... go look it up). Later....I'm taking my cranky self to bed. CJ

Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm dying here.......

I have no socks, none on needles, none, not one, not any, in fact, I am completely sockless, and its killing me. I've only been like this for half a day but I'm already feeling some heavy duty w/drawal, sock DTs as it were. Those socks you saw in my last post, ripped'em off the needles today, for the Summer of Socks-along I joined, nothing counts if it was started before June 21st. I'm sure everyone realizes that, that is more than 48 hours from now, I already don't know what to do with myself, I'm going crazy. I have a dentist appt Wed morning, how am I to get through waiting room angst w/out a sock to knit, I finished the purse tonight, pictures later, so I can't even be knitting that, what to do.... what to do..... Obviously, the lace shawl sample is completely out of the question, no way would I stop that in the middle of a row, another reason that has not been on the top of my list of things to do. K, your sweater is in the finishing up stage so it ain't going nowhere, fast. I guess it's time to knit a scarf, which yarn, what pattern.... I CAN'T STAND THIS......... BLEAH.......... Later all, I'm off to raid my stash for a mindless and quick project, maybe washcloths....been a long time since I knit washcloths.....certainly hope I have some cotton......... BLEAH.....BLEAH......BLEAH.......CJ

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Maybe I do need to finish some projects....

So, anyway, my husband, Brian said to me yesterday, (btw, he was completely serious) "Maybe you should try knitting only one thing at a time". I'm sure as I was picking myself up off the ground I was looking at him like he had two heads or something.... and I managed to stammer out "are you serious?" or maybe it was "you've got to be kidding" or perhaps it was "are you out of your freakin' mind?", of course, since I was still dazed I might not have said any of those things just realized in retrospect that I ought to have. I think I really said something along the lines of "its not gonna happen" I realize now I even considered explaining to him why this was such a bad idea. But, then I knew as with all muggles anything I chose to say at this point would be a waste of breathe, so I just walked away muttering and shaking my head. I will have to admit, however, that he got me thinking how much do I currently have on the needles. So, without opening any bins, closets or trunks, I pulled these 6 projects out of a 10 foot radius of my favorite knitting chair. (I should probably post a picture of it for everyone so when your ready to go out and buy a new favorite knitting chair you can decide if one similar to mine would work for you. One of the things I like best about my chair is that when I inevitably drop a dpn needle between the seat and the arm it falls right to the floor, you have to appreciate how handy that is.) Without further knitting projects, in order of appearance... a bag, 2 different socks, a sweater (no, K, not yours....didn't mean to get your hopes up, sorry), a wrap and a lace shawl. OK, so maybe I do need to finish up some projects... I'll do that right now, later... CJ

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Purse half finished...

Well, here's half my purse, really easy to knit all garter stitch all I have to think about is what color I want to use next, I'm thinking it needs more of the fuchsia striping. Good news is I haven't even used a whole skein of the teal or fuchsia yet so I think I'll trade one of those in on another skein of the plain white with the sequins which you can't see but believe me they're there. I used a whole skein of the ribbon, which is variegated. Three of the yarns are Louisa Harding, the teal is Kashmir Aran, the fuchsia is Nautical Cotton, and the variegated is Glisten can't find it on the website, sorry. The sequined yarn is, appropriately enough, called Sequins. I'm really enjoying knitting all these yarns.

Right now I'm anxiously waiting for June 21st when the Summer of Socks sockalong starts. I've started stocking up on sock yarns and am trying to decide which yarn to take on vacation. I think my vacation socks should be Important, after all traveling socks are a very special breed. The Yarn Harlot has made hers the star of her travels, while I know I'm not quite up to her standard I do hope my vacation socks will not be completely lame. I don't remember if I entered the new sock pattern part of the -along, after all the experimenting I've done it would completely suck (purl girl am I allowed to use suck in my blog? sorry, everyone inside joke) if I haven't entered this part of the -along. I don't think I did and I am starting to bum because I'll tell you what some of my socks (I wish I felt free to say that my socks rock, but as you can see socks that rock has already been trademarked and not by me.) are really cool in a keep your feet warm with style kind of way. This by the way is not just me patting myself on the back, at least a few other knitters, these two are some of them, all of whom I respect for their skill and love because. well...for too many reasons to list here, have also favorably commented on my choice of pattern, so it's not just me. Anyway, I'm hoping to enter this pattern and possibly this pattern also. I just need to pick out the yarn for each I think this pattern will do very well with any variegated yarn, where this pattern, really worked with the slightly glittery and heavier weight sock yarn. Well, I'll be off to my favorite yarn store tomorrow, to pick up some sock yarn... I do believe, that both the Yarn Harlot and Wendy (as can be seen from this blog entry) have said you can never have too much sock yarn. I used to think stash was a symptom of your eyes being bigger than your needles, I have long since revised that....stash is...well stash is the only thing that stands between a knitter and the yarn equivalent of DT's on the days you can't get to a yarn store and inhale yarn fumes. Believe me there have been days when having yarn on had to start something NOW before I have to completely flip out on my sons, who still aren't in bed yet, is the only thing that has kept me from committing some kind of assault, ok, maybe that is going a little to far but it definitely works better for me than deep breaths and counting to 10. Oh, and K, this sockalong won't affect my ability to get your sweater done, really, I haven't been able to get it done yet and don't see this -along as changing this fact in any dramatic way, again does my feeling guilty about this make you feel any better at all? Later.... CJ

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm so excited...

A lot of very generous people have given me enough credit at my favorite yarn store, to buy enough Louisa Harding yarn to make this handbag. I'm planning on venturing out tomorrow to purchase the yarn, not sure how long it will take as I am in the middle of three pairs of socks. But, then, lately, when am I not in the middle of a pair of socks? If I keep this up I will have nothing to show for the year but a whole lotta pretty cool socks, not necessarily a bad idea but do I want my legacy to be worn on people's feet. I'll have to think about that more later...when I'm not knitting socks. I now have another favorite new sock yarn , I love this stuff it's soft, silky and antibacterial, which I think may work out great when my sons all start hitting puberty, can't wait for that, for a myriad of reasons. Well, I have some ice cream getting soft on the counter and K, I thought about your sweater today, does that count? Pictures of everything soon..... CJ

Friday, June 8, 2007

Well...I'm back

Well, here's my latest finished footwear, I adapted a pattern from Barbara Walkers's A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I used a diagonal rib on the cuff to finish these toe up socks this pattern will be available as will all of my patterns, inlcuding these as soon as I figure out how to write a pattern that can actually be read, understood and followed. I'm afraid my notations are not the most used knitting terms and after all my speeches about making knitting abreviations standard, no matter where the pattern originates or who wrote it I can't make up my own language now, can I? Maybe that's what I should do make up my own knitting speak and demand the world follows my lead, No? Alright, it won't work but maybe if someone really famous decided to do a universal knitting dictionary everyone would actually read it and more importantly use it. It's worth a shot. How does one get a hold of Debbie Bliss anyway, and get taken seriously?
I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately surgery 10 days ago certainly took alot out of me, more I think than I expected, my brain has been functioning on a very subdued level. I have, however, had more knitting time than I ever have had before, I'm cranking out socks like no body's business. Since, its been in the high 80's here lately socks are the only thing one can knit w/out shuddering at the thought of all that wool. I've not even attempted anything further on my lace sampler shawl, not up to lace weight yarn and 237 stitches, soon, I hope as my next class is Monday. Maybe tomorrow, only going to be in the high 60's and since it's my birthday I should be able to get everyone (by everyone I mean my sons who don't like to let me count in peace) to let me knit and count. Oh and K, yes the high temperatures and lack of brain function do in fact mean I'm not touching your sweater for a while, I know, I know...any excuse to not finish this project I wish I could say you are wrong, but....well... you're not, sorry, I do feel a little guilty about this I really do...sorta. Hope to blog again soon.... CJ