Saturday, June 30, 2007

Can you have too much sock yarn?

My answer to that question is no, as can be seen by this series of photos. The blue is from Cynthia Skeins, one of the sponsors for the Summer of Socks, I stumbled upon her yarn while I was looking for some metal dpns. I currently use bamboo but my stitches on my needles are a little tight I need something I'm not afraid of breaking every time I have to k2tog. I took the skein to my favorite yarn store to show it to them and admit that I cheated on them. They were okay with it because, I realize it doesn't show up in these photos but, it is the prettiest variegated blue superwash merino. The pink variegated I picked up from my favorite yarn store today when I was there showing off the hand dyed blue. The variegated yarn is from Cherry Tree Hill in the old rose colorway, it's a 50/50 silk merino worsted blend and I'm planning on knitting up some socks to pull on my cold toes before bed on the cold winter nights we get here in NW Pa. I've also decided to bring this yarn (ok and maybe a couple of others) with me when the family goes to Gettysburg on vacation. Aprox 5 hrs in a car coming and going and numerous opportunities in btwn. I've also decided to use this yarn for the socks on vacation contest for Summer of Socks. Not sure if I'm going to use a funky stitch pattern for these socks, I'm thinking of going "plain vanilla" as the Yarn Harlot would say. I'm thinking, no pattern, don't have to worry if I'm distracted or have to put the sock down in a hurry. I'm planning on knitting it up on US2, and I'm sorta cranky because I did finally find some metal dpns on the net at The Knitter, however they did not get here in as timely a manner as the yarn so still waiting on needles I'll be casting these socks on bamboo. Part of the reason I'm loosing patience is because of the cute little sock

needle protectors on these needles. I'm having problems waiting for slow poke shipping, the yarn was shipped 2-3 day express but the needles are plain old post and I shouldn't be complaining because shipping was free, but.... bleah! The only reason I'm not buying my dpns at my favorite yarn store is because they don't carry them, yet, according to my supplier... oh I mean the yarn store owner their vendors don't carry 6" dpns.... what's up with that. Anyway... it's late and my health still isn't 100% so I'm off to bed before I HAVE to cast on my new socks... Later, CJ And K, almost thought about your sweater today, almost.

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how was you vacation??