Friday, June 22, 2007

A day late and a sock short....

Here I was all set to start my socks for The Summer of Socks, yesterday, I was going to have my toe started so I could knit while my boys were at swim class. The best laid plans and all that.... Came home from work early feeling like complete s***, post surgery set back, didn't even feel like knitting let alone do a fiddly toe cast on. Needless to say, the boys didn't make it to swim class more prime knitting time lost. I did cast on my sock last night, counted my stitches per inch, figured out what I would need to actually get the sock over my foot, found a stitch pattern I liked, all was well. Or was it....was it just me or did you also here the mocking laughter of the knitting fates? I tried my sock on this morning, didn't make it to work today, either, I keep telling myself this to shall pass. Anyway, back to the important part I tried on my sock, the beauty of toe-up is you can try them on for size, they were too big....TOO BIG how is that possible, I checked my gauge, I can do basic math, I ripped back, slightly put out. I really liked the stitch pattern I had found and while it was easy to increase the number of stitches in the pattern, decreasing would need more mental calisthenics than I'm capable of right now. So I rip back to my standard 14 sts/needle and go w/my tried and true pattern, which while fine is not what I wanted to use. Anyway, the sock yarn in question is Tofutsies, and since I have plenty more skeins of it in many colorways I will use a smaller needle and cast on a pair of socks for the other pattern when I'm up to it. In the meantime, here's a picture of the sock I'm starting with. I'm really happy with the colorway and I do like it with this particular pattern, one of my own design, which I will be entering in the sock design contest for Summer of Socks, so you'll have to wait for publication but it's not the one I started with and I'm sure when I stop pouting I'll be fine, until then I'll just be sulking, and knitting socks, my only solace in all of this is that I am once again knitting socks and all is right in my particular knitting universe. I hope all is well in yours also.... CJ..... Oh and K, no I haven't forgotten your sweater but its a finish me up project not a knit me because you can't knit socks today project, I hope that makes all of this perfectly clear. C

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