Friday, June 8, 2007

Well...I'm back

Well, here's my latest finished footwear, I adapted a pattern from Barbara Walkers's A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I used a diagonal rib on the cuff to finish these toe up socks this pattern will be available as will all of my patterns, inlcuding these as soon as I figure out how to write a pattern that can actually be read, understood and followed. I'm afraid my notations are not the most used knitting terms and after all my speeches about making knitting abreviations standard, no matter where the pattern originates or who wrote it I can't make up my own language now, can I? Maybe that's what I should do make up my own knitting speak and demand the world follows my lead, No? Alright, it won't work but maybe if someone really famous decided to do a universal knitting dictionary everyone would actually read it and more importantly use it. It's worth a shot. How does one get a hold of Debbie Bliss anyway, and get taken seriously?
I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately surgery 10 days ago certainly took alot out of me, more I think than I expected, my brain has been functioning on a very subdued level. I have, however, had more knitting time than I ever have had before, I'm cranking out socks like no body's business. Since, its been in the high 80's here lately socks are the only thing one can knit w/out shuddering at the thought of all that wool. I've not even attempted anything further on my lace sampler shawl, not up to lace weight yarn and 237 stitches, soon, I hope as my next class is Monday. Maybe tomorrow, only going to be in the high 60's and since it's my birthday I should be able to get everyone (by everyone I mean my sons who don't like to let me count in peace) to let me knit and count. Oh and K, yes the high temperatures and lack of brain function do in fact mean I'm not touching your sweater for a while, I know, I know...any excuse to not finish this project I wish I could say you are wrong, but....well... you're not, sorry, I do feel a little guilty about this I really do...sorta. Hope to blog again soon.... CJ

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