Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Get cocky and....

your knitting bites you in the a**. Here I was peacefully knitting sock two for my youngest, remember the toe up socks I love because I can knit them blindfolded w/one dpn tied behind my back....Well, let me tell you I was peacefully knitting and very competently turning the heel when what do I discover, the only way this sock would fit on a human foot is if somehow you had a heel size growth coming out of the side of it. My heel and toe did not line up... did not even pretend to line up. I chose not to take any pictures, some things do not need to be recorded for posterity. Anyway, if you know anything about me at all then you know I will do just about anything...including huge leaps of rationalizations to keep from frogging something....I stared at this...this...this...nope nothing rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. Also, putting little, itty, bitty stitches back on a US2 dpn, right up there with...I can't even think of anything bad enough to compare it to, how 'bout them apples. So I frog and start to knit the heel again this time at the right angle to the rest of the foot when I realized way back there is a...............dropped stitch, a little, itty, bitty dropped stich, Lord knows I tried to pick it up, wasn't happening, so here I go again, rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. Discovering as I tried to recover the dropped stitch on my US 2 dpns, that it was almost as much fun as trying to get all those little bitty stitches back on my needles. OK, sigh deeply, all my stitches picked up, heel turned nice and fancy like, knitting back around on 4 dpns, count stitches, just to be sure mind you, there can't be another mistake, after all, what could I have done to piss the knitting fates off this much anyway? 12 stitches needle 1, check...12 stitches needle 2, check, 11 stitches needle 3, check, wait, what, no its impossible there must be 13 stitches on needle 4, but no look there 3, make that 5 rows back a lonely dropped stitch, well, I'm a pro at this now, first, some judicious swearing, then a shot of something...I'll take anything at this point...then with dpn contortions known only to a select group of masochists, I pick up that @#*% stitch and finally, finally rib my dear son's sock and now he has a pair.

So, here is pair one of my self stripping sock yarn socks for, yes, one of my three sons, if this statement made you grin a little you're showing your age, if it didn't your too young to get the nostalgia of this statement let it go. I hope you're admiring how well I got the stripes to match up, I think that's were I made my mistake and the knitting fates needed to take me down, I got a pat yourself on the back kind of thing going on when I realized what a good job I had done. I'm sure your sharp eyes realized that these socks were photographed in the newly refinished cedar chest which believe it or not is still empty. Another decision to be made. After all of this the only thing I wanted to do tonight was quietly and, hopefully, correctly knit a couple of rounds of Lorna's Laces, wasn't to happen I was here instead, the trumpet player in the back row facing the camera is my oldest.

So here I was at the band performance and they were great but it was so crowded and so warm I couldn't even pull out my sock. It was most of the 5th grade bands from 7 grade schools, 3 middle school bands off on the other side of the gym and the high school band and jazz ensemble in the center. Considering that the first time these kids practiced together was for three hours earlier today they sounded great. Came home from that and here I am blogging when all I want to do is knit...but now I'm thinking snack so...maybe I'll read instead, and K, if the knitting fates continue to spit on me...well, don't expect your sweater anytime soon. I just hope I can confuse them with my lace class. Later...CJ


Willow said...

I laughed at the appropriate TV reference BTW. And visited your fav yarn store today and bought.... sock yarn!! and brought in two 3-day old kittens to be oggled and cuddled, and fed. I think Sue may have been afraid I would leave them nestled in some yarn somewhere for Shironee to find later. (sorry about the spelling!)I didn't though. I took them back. Not mine to leave. And now you know why I have tried to give up ripping back... (not because of the kittens but because of the pain in the %#@* it is! Ok. I admit. I still rip back if I make a mistake I can fix. Sigh.

Purl Girl said...

Willow those kitties were sooooooooo cute...Thanks for letting me snuggle. As for ripping back...I just took 4 rows out of my shawl...the 800 stitch one!!