Monday, May 14, 2007

Lace, lace and more lace....

Well, I've discovered lace knitting and we'll see how it goes. The sock is a pattern I found in an old stitchconary, called a perforated rib stitch. I had to figure out how to do it in the round, not to easy but not to difficult either. The purple is going to be a rectangular shawl, knit as a lace sampler, I'm taking a class. I 'll keep taking pictures, so you can see my progress or lack thereof. Not that it's readily apparent but both yarns have a touch of sparkle, if you look really closely I think you can see the silver in the... I suppose lavender would be a better description than purple for my shawl yarn. Also, hints of glitter in the sock yarn, for which I have found a brand new cast on method, so now I've tried 3 different methods, figure 8, the turkish and now the magic cast on, I think all of them have their uses not sure which I'll finally decide is the best. I'm sure you've noted I have not tried a provisional cast on, yes, I have considered it but it just seems too fiddly to me to have to go back an pick up those little bitty stitches. I've mentioned before how I feel about picking up teeny tiny stitches, haven't I? I have also discovered a new cast off method for my socks its called the russian cast off, read down a couple of posts you'll find it, I think it will also make a nice loose bind off for my shawl, we shall see. Oh and uhmmm, K, well, I'm going to finish your sweater too, OK? Really, just let me get one more row done on.......well, ....on just about anything. CJ

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