Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Man, am I cranky....

Ask me how much knitting I got done tonight...go ahead ask...what afraid....you should be because the answer is ZERO, NADA, that's right NONE! Why you ask, as you very well should... well, I'll tell you, it all started innocently enough when I was thinking of upgrading my Palm, I have a Zire 31, Palm doesn't even make them anymore. I was thinking of doing a little upgrade but when I discovered I could go Wi-Fi for just a bit more money, well, I was all over that, how hard could it be? I'll tell you how hard...pretty damn hard... got the software loaded fine... all my applications on my new Palm T/X (they warned me this might be a problem, nope, went fine) but could I actually access my homes wireless network (yes, it is secure... never know when someone up the street might want to hack into my system and take over my blog) no, I could not... I realize that in getting cocky I have often angered the knitting fates , but, and I'm not sure which fates or gods are in charge of all this computer stuff, but, I NEVER get cocky w/computer stuff and I do mean never. I know what happens when you get cocky, I've seen IT personnel crash and burn and it is not pretty. So I spent the better part of an hour on the phone and Internet trying to solve my problem. Two very helpful IT types could do nothing so I need to make another phone call, not that I'll be doing that any time soon, read before tomorrow evening but I will prevail, after all I do have a life other than configuring computer type stuff... I want to knit and I'm sure when I get a hold of the next IT type and I explain how much of my knitting time this is biting into he/she will get my problem solved in no time flat. What, what was that you said you don't think he/she will take my knitting issues seriously...sssiiiiigggghhhh. Well, you're probably right. The only answer for it then is to knit while I'm waiting for IT to solve the problem, that should work don't you think? Good that solved, I need to go rest my eyes after all this computer stuff, I need a break, maybe a good book in bed will do the trick. Later all, CJ. Oh and K, I'll get to your sweater right after I solve this PDA business, well, maybe not right after but soon after, hmm, maybe not soon after but sometime, yes, sometime after I solve this PDA thing and complete a myriad of other pressing tasks like vacuuming under the beds and things of that nature. Love you, C

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