Thursday, July 19, 2007

Too many singles....

Socks, that is, I keep ordering more sock yarn and I found my metal Regia dpns online, sorry can't find Regia's website, go figure. I love the metal dpns and am waiting for the smaller set US1 to knit my Brooks Farm hand dyed superwash, I also need to wait for the yarn to speak to me. I started these socks with sock yarn from Summer of Socks sponsor Cynthia's Skeins, when I was on her website she said this yarn did not photograph well, she was right... I can't begin to tell you how vibrant her blues are. I am knitting this on my new Regia 2.50mm, I couldn't find Regia's website but I ordered the needles here. Now, I love these needles, the matte finish not too slippery and they're metal so I don't feel like I'm going to snap one in half every time I do something fiddly. So, let's get back to the yarn speaking to me, no I'm not loosing my mind, well maybe I am but not so you'd know. I start my sock and then find a pattern, all of my patterns are my own courtesy of numerous stitconaries, Barbara Walker comes to mind as do a few others. The problem is I'm getting so I can't knit plain socks anymore, I try to find a pattern to match yarn texture, colorway and weight. You'll just have to wait and see what I've found for this yarn. Herein lies the problem, once I've mastered the pattern and I love what I've I done I don't just finish the second sock ohhh no that would be way to easy... no it's on to the next yarn, the next pattern, the next needles, good thing I'm not being judged on finished pairs. Here are all the pictures of my single socks, wait a minute only two, make that three first socks on the needles and 1 second sock on needles. If I'm counting right that's only 1,2 ... 4 socks and one of those socks is an official second sock so I'm doing better than I thought. I will not be looking in any nooks, crannies or for that matter knitting bags to see if I might have any more socks started, as I said before I'm not crazy. Here's to second sock syndrome, and the wisdom I showed, not sure where it came from, not joining the most socks contest for Summer of Socks, I'm sure you noticed where she underlined PAIRS, well, what's up with that anyway. I know I'm just being crabby because I'm not knitting pairs well. Maybe I should start a self help group for SSS. I think I'll go work on that now right after I start, I mean finish knitting a sock.... CJ

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