Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So much for that thought.....

All my good intentions.....gone. My favourite yarn shop had just gotten a new sock yarn in, wonderfully, beautifully soft and colorful. I picked rainbow (this is where I'd insert a picture had I a digital camera and know how, fortunately you can find the colorway on the website) for my new socks...yes, I know, I know, I was just discussing finishing what I've started but... well... I made a rationalized decision and decided you can never have too many socks on needles because you never know when you'll need a portable project with a memorized pattern. Pretty good spur of the moment rationalization if you ask me. Anyway, work with me here, I'm thinking that if I only knit socks in places I need portable projects, you know the bowling alley, anything at the in-laws, church (ok, maybe that one's a stretch) then having alot of socks on ALOT of dpns makes perfect sense. Then, if I'm knitting socks away from home, my only choice at home will be one of a myriad of other projects, including the dreaded Christmas sweater. (K if you're reading this I feel really bad about not finishing your sweater, really.) Well, I could explore this tactic for pages but I need to cast on my new socks, yes, I'm at home but I can't do toes when I'm distracted so I guess my plan only works if the toes of my socks are done. See you soon. CJ

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crochetrocks said...

Crochet RULES!!! knitters drool

P.S. How did you do this?