Thursday, April 19, 2007

Best intentions

What's that again about best intentions? It doesn't matter, I know I promised yesterday to only knit socks outside of home base but... I only had about an inch of ribbing left on my youngest's sock. I don't like to rib so I knit my socks toe up, I find ribbing easier at the end of sock than at the beginning. To get back to the subject at hand I only had an inch of ribbing left on the sock and after promising myself to finish projects what choice did I have but to finish the sock and now that it's done I should be working on my sweater, I'm using this yarn in color 13. Here's where the picture belongs. I don't want to work on my sweater I want to start another sock for my middle son, of course, the pattern in the yarn did not end where I could start sock two for either of the single socks already completed. So it's only fair that I start a pair of socks for my middle son so he can be one socked just like his brothers. Time to make a command decision CSI:LV is on TV ...hmmmm....I can't knit a pattern I have to pay attention to so.... I'm going to forget the knitting (sorry K your sweater is near the top of the list) and break out the caramel pecan almond popcorn and settle down to the rest of CSI. Later...CJ


crochetrocks said...

I still can not get over the PDA thing!!!!! Learn to crochet it is much easier!!!!!!!

By the way, the cat found a mouse!!

cjknits said...

To crochet rocks don't get too cocky, there's this for your PDA so there.

crochetrocks said...