Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Show and Tell

I'm going to a knitting group on Monday. My friend, Willow, invited me to her group. I talked to her today and she gave me a list of the projects I HAD to bring. This list included one of my felted handbags, yes, I know, I need a picture, fortunately there's a picture of my bubble bag here. Well, I thought I was being invited for my company and witty conversational skills, but.... NOOOOO....I'm her show and tell project, oh and make sure you bring some toe up socks and one of your lacy shawls..... What next, my slippers, a shawl collar sweater? I don't think so! OK, so maybe I'm looking forward to being the celebrity knitter du jour, definitely not the harlot, not even in her league but even Stephanie had to start somewhere. By the way, I've been dying to figure out a way to mention the Yarn Harlot in my blog since I decided to start one and I finally managed to get her in, in a completely natural way. I feel so proud. Anyway, back to being a show and tell project ... I'm almost ready to turn the heel on my Lorna's Laces socks and I'm done with the toe of sock one for my middle son. No, I haven't stuck to my plan but this week's been stressful and I really didn't want to have to follow any patterns especially a sweater I really didn't want to have to frog. I needed to knit for stress relief and I had to knit something thoughtless in order to not increase my stress so here I am knitting socks and only socks and feeling pretty good about it. For anyone who thinks it's too warm for socks, where I live it didn't even get above 50 today so YEAH we wear wool socks in April here in NW Pennsylvania, sometimes, even in May if necessary, so there. Well, I'm off to make sure I can be properly turned out as a show and tell, what does one where to an occasion like this, basic black or anything that complements the knitting projects one is binging? Later... CJ

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Willow said...

Uhmmm, excuse me, but you are not only my show and tell object, although I do freely admit that this is indeed the case, but you are my treasure -- er I mean my treasured friend and of course I want to enjoy, nay, bask in your company on Monday. BTW, would your famousness be willing to give me a ETA anytime soon, or are you planning to come, conquer and leave without the actual chatting time you profess to want, sniff, where's a tissue? Can I knit one?